After the phenomenal success of the Loveball Parties over the last two years, we are once again going to reveal one of the most ferociously protected secrets in recent history.
This time it’s not about Austrian imperial court,but we fearlessly confront and reveal the hitherto secret goings on of Batman, Robin and Cat woman.
Let’s be honest, haven’t we long suspected the Bat of concealing somethin juicy?

For your audio-visual delight and rapture at the turn of the year we have not spared neither trouble nor expense to turn the WUK into the imposing Metropolis of Gotham City, including huge LED screens, hot dancers and a unique decoration; and watch out which secrets will be disclosed in our Opening-Act.

As Batman and his cohort hound sexy crooks in hazy and dusky Gotham City, on our 2 Dance Floors one hot track is chasing the next. On the main Floor Andi MIK & Dr.-G. will be providing us with inebriating House Tunes and on the 2nd Floor it will be sticky&sweet&sweaty, while the overabundant load of Sugar POP gushes over the dance hungry night creatures.

LOVE, RESPECT & TOLERANCE ...and nothing in between! Tolerance will be rejoined will love and respect, intolerance with Cat-woman’s lashes. You are free to be who you are and how you are or who and how you have always wanted to be but never dared, at least for this one amazing night. No judgments! Open your heart and free your mind.

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