In the history of the ancient world there is one woman who eclipses all others. Her name has become a byword for beauty, luxury and excess. Her story is entwined with some of the most powerful men in history. She is the last pharaoh of Egypt - CLEOPATRA. She has been portrayed as everything from romantic to a powerful sexual predator. The secrets of her concealed passionate relationships to her ardent lovers will be disclosed by LOVEBALL 2016.

Once again this year, we'll impress you with a fantastic light concept by turning the WUK into Cleopatra’s palace with huge LED walls whilst hot, "ancient", muscular dancers in amazing costumes will be heating up the party atmosphere in order to reenact with you the bawdy adventures of beautiful Cleopatra and her fierce lovers in an exciting Show at 1:30 a.m. in the main hall

On two and a half floors, everybody will be dancing and partying frantically like in ancient Egypt. While great DJs boost the blistering atmosphere to its climax with the best and latest House Tracks on the main floor, the boisterous crowd will be nourished with the most acclaimed POP hits on the 2nd floor. On the "cloakroom floor" - the half floor, we'll be putting you into the right mood for the party and between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m. you'll be offered a free photo shoot session to immortalise this special moment at the turn of the year and share it with your friends all over the world on social medias. like every year, the motto of Loveball. Take Cleopatra's and her lovers' example and be open minded in love with respect and tolerance towards everyone. Don't worry about conventions and rules, live your life how you like it, at least for this special night.

Open your heart & free your mind!

You are invited to dress up, it's not required but most welcome. Like in ancient times, the party will only end when all of Cleopatra's entourage are tired out!


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